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Our learnings from the CCW Executive Exchange, Nov 1-3

We extend our thanks to CMP Research for organizing the enlightening Customer Contact Week Executive Exchange at The Westin Sarasota from November 1-3. This event brought together leaders in customer service, experience, and operations, showcasing advanced technology and service solutions for the evolving customer-centric landscape.

Burgeoning interest in AI solutions for CX

Engaging with customer champions and thought leaders revealed prevalent themes, sparking contemplation among CX leaders committed to delivering top-notch experiences. Generative AI emerged as a key topic, prompting curiosity about its transformative potential in customer support and digital ecosystems.

Balancing AI’s Potential with Caution among CX Leaders

Despite interest, there was hesitancy about its reliability in sensitive customer-facing environments. Questions arose about whether AI merely augments the knowledge and workflow of existing agents or possesses the magical ability to solve all their problems. In the current landscape, where AI is ubiquitous, a significant portion of CX solutions is designed to streamline critical customer processes, albeit at the risk of de-humanizing them. However, a majority of CX leaders are adopting a cautious "wait-and-watch" approach.

Shift Towards an Evolutionary Approach for Seamless Integration of AI in Customer Support Strategies

This caution can be largely attributed to the constraints imposed by legacy data infrastructure, which hinders their adaptability to new generative AI solutions that necessitate a shift in their current customer processes. There is a recognized need for an evolutionary approach, as opposed to a revolutionary one, to help companies seamlessly integrate the new wave of generative AI into their customer support strategies.

Legacy data challenges are universal, even for tech giants like Intel. To effectively leverage AI in solving real-world business problems, a fundamental shift in customer data infrastructure is imperative.

Empowering Agents with Real-Time Insights and Cross-Channel Journey Visibility for Efficient Call Handling

Simultaneously, there is a growing openness to enhancing agent knowledge by providing real-time insights into customer journeys. Our platform excels in this aspect, offering bite-sized information about customers before agents engage in calls. Additionally, it features capabilities that display the entire cross-channel journey and the various attempts customers made before reaching out to the contact center for support. This empowers agents to handle calls efficiently, avoiding the repetition of steps customers have already taken.

Reach out to discover more about bespokeCX and witness its capabilities in action.

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