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Unlock the power of
Connected Customer Data!

Connect all your customer marketing data in ways that turn anonymous users into known customers then extract insights to build more cohesive digital journeys.

Here's how Connected Customer Data help you improve your Customer Experience.
bespokeCX visualizes your connected data.
Now its easy to understand the right actions you need to prioritize.

Reduce channel-jumping

Quickly identify where channel jumping is taking place and how to reduce it.

Align content to customer expectations

Identify where in the customer journey to serve up the right content at the right time.

Improve your website navigation

Quickly identify where your navigation is failing customers and what can be done to fix this.

Increase case deflection

Deflect your contact center case volume by creating a robust self-serve


The bespokeCX modules for helping improve digital experience.

Journey Tracking

CX Performance

Actions & Events

Unleash CX excellence by using your Customer Data 

bespokeCX seamlessly connects your diverse marketing data sources to transform users into known customers.

The insights this connected data delivers helps you optimize every aspect of your digital experience.


Marketing data bespokeCX connects

Digital Analytics Data | VOC Feedback | Search Performance | CMS Webpage Data | CRM Customer Profile Data  

Here is what one client has to say

Read about how Intel Corporation successfully uses bespokeCX to improve customer experience.

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