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Close cases faster and more efficiently!

Capturing the right knowledge to improve support is challenging, requiring inputs from customers, coaches, and agents.

bespokeCX helps ensure these groups collaborate better and learn faster by monitoring their performance and showing you how to unlock each agent's potential through enhanced training and improved processes.
Here are 6 ways the bespokeCX Automated Case Review helps you improve your interactive support experience.

Rescues customers before the relationship becomes permanently ruptured

bespokeCX reviews each case after every interaction.  When poor-performing interactions are discovered, you are quickly notified by email with case details and a link to the case file and real-time instructions for rescuing the at-risk customer before the relationship is permanently ruptured.

Improve agents’ product knowledge

bespokeCX helps you pinpoint your agents’ product knowledge gaps.  It does this by tracking case-handling performance across various products and identifying which products agents struggle to handle effectively.  Recommendations for improvements are provided and once implemented performance is tracked to ensure agents remain up-to-date with the latest product knowledge.

Identify both budding CX rockstars and employee churn risks

bespokeCX identifies the agents that are your budding CX rockstars. Once identified, their progress is tracked to ensure they remain engaged, invested, and working at the highest level possible.  When slippage occurs, you are quickly notified by email with specific details so corrective action can be undertaken. 

Improves agents’ customer knowledge

bespokeCX provides a side-by-side comparison of agents’, customers’ and coaches' evaluation of case handling. Each area of misalignment is identified and a recommended action for closing the gap is provided right to your inbox.  Recommendations range from targeted training to changes in processes that are sure to bring your team back into alignment with your customers' constantly evolving wants, needs, and desires.

Build effective knowledge articles

bespokeCX identifies which knowledge is impacting case closure rates. It provides instructions for transforming this knowledge into an effective self-help article.  Recommendations for where to place this article is given. Once published, the article's effectiveness is tracked, and insights applied to the creation of future articles. A systematic repeatable process for effective knowledge article creation and management is created and this results in reduced case volume and lower support costs.

Identify agents that are high churn risks

bespokeCX identifies the agents most likely to voluntarily exit within the next 3 months.  It does this by examining trends in their performance, their completion of assigned tasks, case handling and more.  Once at-risk agents are identified you are notified by email so quick corrective action can be taken.  The result is a support department that is less reactive and more proactive in managing agent churn.

Here is what one client has to say

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