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Drive Sales Success
Resonate with Customers Using Connected Data

bespokeCX leverages Connected Customer Data to revolutionize inbound sales by connecting key data points, offering your sales agents a comprehensive view of each customer's sales journey.

This holistic understanding equips agents with precise insights into customer needs, enabling tailored pitches and offerings that resonate effectively.

Supercharge Sales Growth Powered by Connected Customer Data !
Leveraging integrated data, bespokeCX provides insights into your sales team, identifying training needs, motivation levels, and individual performance. Track team and member performance seamlessly, ensuring comprehensive oversight and targeted improvements for enhanced sales effectiveness.

Close sales faster

Say goodbye to prolonged case resolution times and hello to a more agile and responsive customer support system with Bespoke CX.

Simplify customer sales journeys

Transform your sales approach with Bespoke CX and witness the impact on efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Reduce employee churn

Invest in the future of your call center with Bespoke CX and experience the transformative power of employee retention.

Onboard agents faster

Say goodbye to lengthy onboarding processes and hello to a more agile and capable customer support team with Bespoke CX.


The bespokeCX modules for helping improve sales performance.

CX Performance

Journey Tracking

Agent Management

Actions & Events

Elevate Your Sales Team to Rockstar Status with Real-Time Customer Insights, Igniting Exceptional Revenue Growth!

bespokeCX seamlessly integrating the silos of diverse data platforms, providing a cohesive and unified view of your customers.


This connected customer data empowers you to anticipate their needs accurately, enabling the delivery of tailor-made solutions that streamline the sales process.


By leveraging this deep customer knowledge, you not only boost conversion rates but also foster repeat purchases and organic revenue growth, propelling your business towards sustained success.


Unlocking insight to drive sales involves combining data collected by your various tools

Digital Analytics Data | VOC Feedback | Search Performance | CMS Webpage Data | CRM Customer Profile Data | Sales Tracking | Sales Reporting 

Here is what one client has to say

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