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Revolutionize Support leveraging Connected Customer Data!

bespokeCX connects your data stored across your various platforms and shows you how to create more seamless support journeys that elevate customer experiences.

Power of Connected Customer Data that'll improve your Support Experience.
Using this integrated data, bespokeCX tailors training to enhance agent performance. It tracks your support KPIs, enabling informed CX strategy decisions driven by customer insights for sustained excellence in customer service.

Close cases faster

Get access to the data to build more agile and responsive support experiences.

Onboard agents faster

Onboard agents faster with targeted personalized training programs.

Reduce employee churn

Unleash the power of predictive analytics to identify the agents most likely to churn in the next 3 months.

Increase case deflections

Identify the right actions for increasing case deflections.


The bespokeCX modules for helping improve support experience.

CX Performance

Automated Case Review

Agent Management

Journey Tracking

Actions & Events

Empower Your Support Team with Real-Time Customer Insights for Exceptional Customer Experiences

bespokeCX creates a unified, single view of the customer and uses this knowledge to help customer service agents with real-time insights, enabling swift resolution of cases. 


By connecting these various sources of customer data bespokeCX transforms anonymous users into known customers then helps you identify the right actions for delivering a more effortless experience.


Driving exceptional support experience involves combining data collected by your various tools

Digital Analytics Data | VOC Feedback | Search Performance | CMS Webpage Data | CRM Customer Profile Data | CRM Case Handling Data 

Here is what one client has to say

Read about how Intel Corporation successfully uses bespokeCX to improve customer experience.

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