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A modular system built to augment your existing ones

bespokeCX seamlessly integrates your customer data and tells you how to enhance your customer experience swiftly and efficiently with minimal investments and effort.

Under the hood is our AI engine that continually analyzes your customer and case data, transforming it into clear, actionable instructions for seamless CX improvement.

Actions and Events

  • Prioritize work across teams

  • Assign tasks and ensure they remain on schedule

  • Track the impact of past events/actions

  • Bring all teams into sync

  • Create a single reliable source of truth for actions and outcomes

Our Action and Event modules facilitate the management of your CX efforts across all customer departments, ensuring that your CX initiatives drive continuous improvements. It enables you to create and track both current and past events and actions, providing comprehensive oversight of your customer experience initiatives.

Agent Management

  • Real-time alerts regarding which employees are at highest risk to churn

  • Identify key areas (soft and hard skills) agents are struggling handling cases along with recommended actions

  • Review agents’ effectiveness creating and updating knowledge articles

  • Examine the traffic patterns of knowledge articles created by agents and their effectiveness deflecting cases

  • Determine the top performing agents across various aspects of case handling

Our agent management module incentivizes and gamifies customer experience management within your customer support and contact center. Engineered to elevate your customer-facing teams into CX rockstars, it keeps you informed about agent performance and highlights their progress in handling cases effectively.

Automated case reviews

  • Real-time email alerts about cases that are placing customers relationships at high-risk of rupturing

  • Pinpoint which high volume cases require improvement and delivers these recommendations directly to your inbox

  • Identify cases where misalignment frequently occurs between brand action and customer expectations and determines why

  • Determine high-priority targeted agent training opportunities

  • Uncover cases where resources can be reduced without sacrificing effectiveness

Our Automated case reviews help you track your support cases and objectively pinpoint training needs for your support staff. By automating case reviews, bespokeCX prompts you with details about at-risk customers and offers recommended actions not just to resolve the case but to foster an unbreakable relationships.

Journey Tracking

  • Track end-to-end customer journey across online and offline

  • Identify top/bottom performing journeys

  • Compares performance of all channels across various customer segments

  • Pinpoint cross-channel jumps where and when they frequently happen

  • Identify low cost/low effort customer journey optimization

Our Cross-channel Journey tracking module identifies the obstacles customers face when traversing across channels throughout their journey. It’s aimed at providing you with insights into which customer journeys yield superior experiences and strategies for enhancing the efficiency of these journeys.

CX Performance

  • Track customer effort/satisfaction/NPS/ for key customer outcomes across all customer touch points

  • Identify top/bottom performing channels, pages, cases, teams and individual contributors

  • Recommends the “right” actions that will have the greatest impact on CX based on your role

  • Compares various audience segments and identifies new or growing audience opportunities

Whether you're an executive decision-maker seeking to monitor departmental performance, a strategist requiring data for departmental strategy, or a manager keen on tracking daily KPIs, our module offers role-based custom reporting to ensures seamless access to the data and insights you need to facilitate informed decision-making and actions.

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