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UNBREAKABLE - A proven process for building unbreakable relationships with customers

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Did you know only 6% of brands have actually reached the highest level of CX Transformation and are effectively building unbreakable relationships with customers? If your brand is one of the other 94% that are aspiring to build deeper customer relationships, then this book is for you. Download the PDF for free.

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About Jason Ten-Pow

As the founder and president of ONR, Ten-Pow has expanded his lifelong passion for creating unbreakable customer relationships into an organization with more than 20 years of experience helping renowned brands evolve their customer success stories.

ONR’s bespoke approach helps brands collect and share better customer knowledge effectively across their organizations so that they can align with and act on their customers' wants, needs, and desires while differentiating themselves in a way that leads to a sustained increase in revenues and profits, organizational efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

By creating the Collect/Share/Act method for accelerating CX Transformation, Ten-Pow wrote the playbook for creating unbreakable customer relationships. Released in spring 2021, UNBREAKABLE pulls back the curtain on the brands that seem to effortlessly build and maintain strong relationships with customers and lays out an actionable path for any company to do the same. PODCASTS: Listen to ONR’s President Jason Ten-Pow discuss what it takes to build unbreakable relationships with your customers on CXChronicles Podcast here:

Listen to ONR’s President Jason Ten-Pow discuss the key to building unbreakable customer relationships on Navigating the Customer Experience here:

Listen to ONR’s President Jason Ten-Pow discuss Authentic Customer Conversations on Amazing Business Radio here:

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