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Improving website satisfaction by identifying and eliminating your performance gaps!

The quickest way to improve customer satisfaction is by doing a better job of matching your website’s performance with your customers’ expectations. The key to solving this puzzle is in knowing how to collect the right customer feedback so that website managers can easily and quickly detect specific gaps between a customer’s expectation and their webpage experience and then make necessary changes.

Introducing the bespokeCX Webpage Audit Module. It helps you improve website performance by identifying and fixing website performance gaps. Here is how this module works:

1. The Audit Module has all the key details about all your web pages from the number of unique visitors to customer satisfaction.

2. Within the Audit Module, you can click on a link that takes you directly to the underperforming page so that you can quickly review its content.

3. When reviewing the page, the auditor is asked a number of questions about the page and its content.

4. The score the auditor provides is compared to the scores of customers and a gap analysis is performed to identify inconsistencies.

5. Low scores on specific metrics for that page and misaligned scores based on the auditor’s feedback are together used by bespokeCX to pinpoint improvement opportunities. bespokeCX delivers easy-to-follow instructions for making the recommended improvements.

6. From there the website manager moves from Audit to the bespokeCX Action Plan Module to assign these actions to individual team members. The Action Plan module tracks actions, documents website changes and reports outcomes based on the actions taken.

In the end, the website manager is provided with a clear picture of areas of misalignment between customer expectations and page performance and actions being taken to correct these issues. These prescribed actions are clearly identified and easy to follow making it easy for team members to carry out corrective actions.

By implementing the bespokeCX system, any website manager can have easy access to a solution that collects feedback, compiles a scorecard and provides immediate actions for improving their webpage. This is not a replacement for any of your systems, but rather a plug-and-play enhancement that seamlessly integrates with your data stack, requiring no technical or IT resources to maintain. bespokeCX collects customer feedback from both your customers and your workers and consolidates it in order to provide you with a set of prioritized actions specifically for improving website satisfaction. #CX #CustomerExperience #Website

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