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How the best contact centers increase satisfaction & customer loyalty!

Updated: Feb 6

The most successful contact centers have cracked the code on how to transform each customer interaction into a deeper customer relationship. As the old adage goes, it’s easier to retain a customer than to find a new one.

The good news is that bespokeCX is not a replacement to any of your current website systems, but rather a plug-and-play enhancement that seamlessly integrates with your data stack, requiring no technical or IT resources to maintain. Many contact center managers are so laser-focused on ensuring the next case is handled effectively that they often lose sight of whether or not the last case was closed out successfully.

The ability to quickly flag a customer interaction that’s gone poorly, and to be able to intervene effectively to avert a negative customer outcome is often overlooked.

Even though many brands spend significant resources measuring customer loyalty, few have been able to develop the know-how to effectively and repeatedly deepen customer relationships.

The secret to success? Contact center managers need easy access to information that identifies interactions that are heading toward a poor brand outcome. They use this knowledge to take corrective action and rescue the customer relationship before it breaks. Because this information is available in real-time, immediate action can be taken to recover the relationship and deepen customer loyalty. bespokeCX helps you improve contact center satisfaction by providing contact center managers access to this vital predictive information.

Here is how it works:

1. After a case is closed bespokeCX reaches out to the customer to ask about their contact center customer experience.

2. If the customer reports that they do not believe the case is closed or the prescribed resolution did not meet their expectations, bespokeCX collects a few critical details from them and informs them that an agent will contact them shortly.

3. bespokeCX immediately conducts analysis, identifying similar types of cases and how they were resolved effectively, creating an action report.

4. bespokeCX then accesses your CRM system, re-opens the case and uploads the action report for the agent to review. bespokeCX can even re-assign the case to an agent with the best record for handling similar cases.

5. In just a few minutes, the assigned agent has significant new knowledge about the customer and the case before reaching out, preparing them to resolve the case and recover the relationship and deepen customer loyalty.

The most successful contact center managers have the benefit of corrective actions taking place without the need for direct intervention at every turn. This is how these successful contact center managers are able to maintain such high levels of customer satisfaction. #CX #ContactCenters

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