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Getting customer satisfaction unstuck.

How do I actually unlock the right feedback to improve my contact center customer service?

The quickest way to improve customer satisfaction is by doing a better job of matching agent actions with customer expectations. The key piece to that puzzle is knowing how to collect the right customer feedback so that contact center managers can easily and quickly detect specific gaps between a customer’s expectation and their agent’s interaction – and then make changes.

According to a 2022 study conducted by OnResearch, contact center managers report that their #1 priority is to improve customer satisfaction. However, many contact managers also confess that they lack the requisite customer knowledge to make measurable improvements to customer satisfaction. In other words, they are stuck.

The first impulse of most contact center managers is to go get more customer data.

This is the right approach – as long as you know exactly what customer information you need to collect and have a clear plan for activating the knowledge you unlock from the customer feedback. Managers who have easy access to this information and apply it in real-time training empower agents to better match customers’ expectations, and more quickly improve contact center customer satisfaction.

bespokeCX helps you improve contact center agent performance by showing you where the gaps are – and the keys to improved satisfaction. Here’s how bespokeCX works, by drawing on customers’ and agents’ perceptions of how things went:

1. After each interaction, bespokeCX asks each agent to provide feedback about their performance across a number of areas.

2. At the same time, bespokeCX reaches out to the customer and ask them to rate their experience across a similar set of attributes.

3. bespokeCX analyzes the feedback from these 2 sources to create a scorecard.

4. Each agent’s scorecard helps point out satisfaction gaps and recommends specific actions the agent can take to improve customer satisfaction.

5. Contact Center Managers also get a roll-up of these scorecards that point out the urgent or recurring issues for potential training and action with agents.

Contact center managers now have easy access to their agents’ scorecard and a customized set of recommended actions to help each agent improve performance. This guidance accelerates agent development, resulting in significantly improved agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Now the good news is that any contact center can easily access this agent scorecard by implementing the bespokeCX system. This is not a replacement for any of your current contact center systems, but rather a plug-and-play enhancement that seamlessly integrates with your data stack, requiring no technical or IT resources to maintain. bespokeCX collects customer feedback from both your customers and your agents and consolidates it with other customer information from across your various contact center systems in order to provide you with a set of prioritized actions that specifically improve contact center customer satisfaction.

Stay tuned as we dip deeper and bring a new perspective on contact center performance and its importance! #CX #ContactCenters

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