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Looking for a CX Guidance System?
Then bespokeCX is what you need!


Track CX Performance

Struggling to create effortless CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES while improving AGENT PERFORMANCE and streamlining your OPERATIONAL PROCESSES?


Prioritize Actions

BespokeCX is an AUTOMATED SYSTEM that guides you by identifying then prioritizing the right CX actions for creating more effortless ONLINE & OFFLINE customer experiences.


For Customer-Facing Teams

bespokeCX uses the latest advancements in AI, MACHINE LEARNING & SENTIMENT ANALYSIS to analyze your customer data and uncover the right actions to help your SUPPORT as well as your SALES & DIGITAL MARKETING teams improve customer experience.

How bespokeCX helps

CX Performance Monitoring

Our Performance along with our Events & Actions Modules work together to measure your customer experience across all channels then recommends and prioritizes corrective actions. Once corrective actions are taken, results are monitored and impacts are reported to you. 

Automated Case Reviews

Our Automated Case Review Module helps you improve call routing, escalation and call handling in order to close cases faster.  It does this by determining the top challenges agents face resolving customers’ requests then applies this knowledge to pinpoint improvements to your continuous training program and onboarding training processes so you can create and maintain a high-performing team of agents.

Cross-Channel Journey Tracking

Our Cross-Channel Journey Tracking Module reduces channel jumping by discovering content needs and determining the correct placement within the customer journey to surface this content. This helps you create more effortless customer experiences while effectively deflecting interactive cases.

Employee Management

Many customer-facing departments are challenged by increasing employee churn. Our Employee Management Module recognizes your CX rockstars and helps you keep them engaged, invested and working at the highest level possible.  Most importantly, it alerts you when a risk of employee churn arises so quick corrective action can be taken.   

What Our Customers Have To Say

Intel's Enterprise Website Leader
Mike Moreno
Enterprise Website Owner

"Using bespokeCX allows me to quickly identify top pain areas and formulate hypotheses and action plan based on customer feedback. What used to take me weeks to compile now takes 1-2 hours."

Intel's Digital Analytics Consultant
Sam Ashley,
Digital Analytics Consultant

“I have relied on ONR's bespokeCX team for a variety of projects, from nimble ad hoc requests to a full-blown interactive, data-driven portal development. Many partners can get stuck telling only what happened in the past. BespokeCX moves the conversation forward detailing how to improve the customer journey with practical, actionable steps.”

Intel's Global Customer Experience Manager
James Varnado
Global CX Manager

“I’m often asked who we work with to identify and execute our creative leading-edge CX initiatives. I am always happy to share that ONR's bespokeCX is that team.”

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