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The perfect plug & play enhancement to improve your contact center efficiency and productivity.

How bespokeCX Improves Your
Contact Center

Stop missing important opportunities to improve customer satisfaction.

Identify the right employee actions -those that maximize contact center performance.

 Predict employee churn, increase employee loyalty and create a more productive workplace.

The Knowledge bespokeCX Provides

One metric to understand contact center performance from the customer's perspective 

The Customer Rating Score evaluates your contact center performance from the customer's perspective.    

This metric makes it easy to prioritize the right actions by showing you which ones will have the greatest impact on improving contact center performance.

One metric to know and track your overall contact center health 

Contact Center Health Score provides you with a detailed understanding of  your contact center performance by incorporating these key dimensions into an overall score that you can track across time.

It also allows you to quickly identify the teams that are driving performance upwards and the teams that are pulling performance down.

One metrics lets your rank employee performance across various dimensions

Employee Health Score ranks your employees from highest performers to lowest.

You can quickly identify which employees need training and in what areas training is required.  

Discover misalignment and have the knowledge to take swift corrective actions

Contact centers are complex human eco-systems and it can be an overwhelming task to evolve these systems. 

Employee Alignment scores allow you to quickly identify areas of misalignment across your contact center.  

One metric to track each new employee's onboarding progress 

You have hired a number of new employees and you need to get them up to speed as quickly as possible.

But how do you do this? 
You track their progress using their Onboarding Health Score

This metric tells you how effectively they are handling their first set of cases and identifies the best training opportunities to accelerate their progress. 

Know which employee is likely to churn within the next 3 months

The Employee Loyalty Score identifies employees that are likely to churn within the next 3 months. 

This is done by examining their employee profile, their history with the company and their performance trend.  This provides an accurate assessment of your employees' likelihood to churn.

With this information in hand you are able to act in a proactive manner.  

One metric that will tell you which employees are ready to be promoted

Which of your employees is best positioned to be promoted? 

Promotion Readiness Score takes the guesswork out of identifying the right candidate to promote.  

It identifies those that possess the right personality traits, qualifications and performance to be successful when given an expanded role.

One metric that identifies which employees deserve to be rewarded and why

The Reward Index identifies employees that are out-performing their peers in specific areas of their work.

This makes it easy to identify and recognize the right employees in order to keep them motivated to produce their best work.

One metric that uncover your best knowledge articles creators and editors

More than ever, contact center employees are being asked to create content to help deflect cases from reaching an agent. But does their content work effectively?

The Deflection Score measures employees' ability to create or edit content in a manner that leads to higher number of case deflections.

This single metric makes it easy to identify, recognize and promote the employees that are the best producers of impactful content.

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