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Overcoming The Knowledge Gap:

The greatest obstacle to improving customer journeys


Too often, brands choose to forgo relationship building in favor of short-term cost savings.  The question is why?

Jamie Cole, Global Senior Executive and Advisor in Business Transformation draws attention to this trend in his recent LinkedIn Post, and Gartner Research confirms it, stating that “web-to-phone and email-to-web/phone are the most difficult and yet most common channel transitions for consumers.” So why are brands making it hard for customers to transition across these channels by hiding the phone number?

The answer is surprisingly simple. Decision-makers lack a clear understanding of how this decision undermines the customer’s connection to the brand and often leads to customers severing their brand relationship. The only knowledge they have is that this action reduces costs.


How bespokeCX helps…

This is where bespokeCX comes in. By tracking the customer’s movement across the brand’s channels on and offline, bespokeCX measures the effectiveness of each customer’s journey and calculates the impact of each channel transition. BespokeCX then determines the best actions to improve; by making channel jumping a more effortless experience, or eliminating the need to jump altogether.


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