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bespokeCX custom modules helps you quickly and effectively improve your customer experience!

Data Collection & Connection Module

Collects and intricately connects customer behavioral and attitudinal data across diverse platforms for comprehensive insights.

  1. Connect behavioral data from existing tools and platforms, e.g. Salesforce, Adobe, etc.

  2. Best in class email delivery system that ensures 20% response rate

  3. Proprietary digital survey system that ensures highest quality customer data 

  4. Ensure high quality data collection through rigorous cleaning process that detects repetitive IPs, Speeding and duplicate respondents

  5. All data is stored in tier-1 secured facility to ensure maximum data security and privacy


Cross Channel Journey Module

Connects customer data as they traverse across multiple channels and use this data to ensure seamless and comprehensive tracking.

  1. Track end to end customer journey across online and offline

  2. Identify top/bottom performing journeys

  3. Measure performance of individual channels across various customer journeys 

  4. Identify cross channel jumps that require high customer effort

  5. Identify low cost/low effort customer journey optimization opportunities


Performance Reporting Module

Tracks Customer Experience KPIs, offering insights into trends and improvements over time.

  1. Measure customer effort/satisfaction for key customer outcomes

  2. Identify top/bottom performing teams and individual contributors

  3. Compare team/individual performance  

  4. Create customer profiles-based segmentation and identify new audience opportunities  

  5. Customized reports suitable to different levels of the organization

Case Review.png

Automated Case Review Module

Swiftly identifies CX challenges and deliver real time instructions for rescuing at risk customer relationships.  

  1. Real time email alerts about cases that are placing customers at risk

  2. Identify high volume cases/pages that require improvement directly to your inbox

  3. Identify cases where misalignment exist between brand action and customer expectation

  4. Automated nomination process that identifies high priority opportunities for deepening customer relationships

  5. Identify high priority targeted training opportunities

  6. Identify the right level of escalation that will resolve cases efficiently

Action Plan.png

Action Planning Module

Ensure that your CX initiatives are leading to continuous improvements with our fully integrated action plan module that creates and tracks current/past events and actions.

  1. Prioritize work across teams

  2. Assign tasks and ensure they remain on schedule 

  3. Track the impact of past events/actions

  4. Bring all teams into sync

  5. Create a single reliable source of truth


AI Action Engine Module

Analyzes customer and case data, transforming it into clear, actionable instructions for seamless CX improvement.

  1. Identify opportunities to create effortless customer journeys

  2. Determine the right actions to align with customer expectations

  3. Identify opportunities to improve case deflection

  4. Accelerates CX knowledge across your organization

  5. Take the guess work out of determining the right CX actions

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