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For Contact Centers

bespokeCX conducts 360° case reviews in an automated manner.  

This provides a holistic measure of contact center performance, as well as, measures your agents' understanding of your customers' expectations.

Best of all, these reviews are completed quickly and efficiently across your contact center.


The Power of 360° Case Reviews

360° case reviews leads to maximum performance!

 360° case reviews accurately measures contact center performance and internal alignment. High contact center performance and alignment results in unbreakable customer relationships.

The power of performance & alignment

How do you know if your contact center cases are being handled effectively?

While the customers’ viewpoint is most important, it is not the only perspective that matters. Feedback from the agent’s viewpoint, as well as, the coach’s and supervisor’s perspective are key to acquiring a comprehensive understanding of what actions to take in order to improve


As your team collaboratively applies the knowledge acquired from feedback collected from these various perspectives, alignment between your team and the customers improves. 


The closer the alignment, the better the customer experience.  Customers who feel understand are more likely to conclude that they are important to your company making them more likely to recommend your brand and re-purchase in the future.

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What is "Speed to Satisfy" and why it matters 

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